Department of Legal Affairs

Senior Law Enforcement Officer
Senior Law Enforcement Officer

The Legal Team is assigned responsibility for work in the following functional elements:

  • To keep law and order by providing security and guidance, arresting criminal offenders, ensuring compliance to Mukono Municipal Council policies support revenue collection, investigate crimes and prevent unauthorized/illegal developments, impound all animals loitering in town.
  • To provide effective legal advice and representation of the highest quality to Mukono Municipality as a corporate entity. Primary emphasis of the work program is providing proactive counsel, preventive advice and early intervention to support decision-makers with a clear view of all their lawful options.
  • To provide a comprehensive program of legal services to the municipality, supporting virtually every facet of the municipality’s work. The Unit guides the municipality’s internal corporate operations, advises staff and organs of the municipality e.g. the Physical Planning Committee, Contracts Committee, the political and policy organs on statutory and regulatory responsibilities; advocates on the municipality’s behalf in litigation before the Courts of Judicature of Uganda and other adjudicating fora; and participates in cross-functional teams assembled periodically to develop creative solutions to new challenges facing the Municipality.
  • The Unit is also responsible for Civil trial litigation, Property management transactions, Policy and legislative management, Criminal Prosecution, General advisory services (Counsel)


Kampala-Jinja Rd, Lugazi, Uganda
P.O.Box 111 Lugazi
Tel: +256(0)434 669 186 

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