Department of Gender and Community Services and Production

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Gender and Community Services and Production
Gender and Community Services and Production

Mandate of the Department

The GCP Department has the mandate to empower and facilitate communities, particularly the vulnerable groups, to realize and harness their potential for purposeful and sustainable development. The Department guides the Authority on the proper management of Gender, Provision of Community Services and Production and Marketing Management.

Strategic Direction

GCL has defined its strategic direction to deliver quality services through the institutionalization of cutting-edge and developmental programs that foster sustainable development of the Community. 

Core Functions of Gender, Community Services and Production Department

The Core Functions include the following:

  1. Develop, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of social rehabilitation and resettlement programs in transforming them to responsible and productive citizens.
  2. Plan, develop and monitor the implementation of the Gender Mainstreaming, Emancipation and Empowerment strategy including the gender equity opportunities and programs and empowerment of women with the adequate knowledge skills, resources.
  3. Design and monitor the implementation of sustainable socio-economic programs for the Youth focusing creating opportunities of entrepreneurship, financial management, livelihood, partnerships and culture.
  4. Develop, design and evaluate the effectiveness of programs for raising awareness and empowerment of People-With- Disabilities and the Elderly.
  5. Develop and monitor the implementation of Poverty Eradication / Alleviation Programs including the functional adult literacy, income generating projects / gainful employment opportunities, and diversification and marketing of the agriculture and fisheries.
  6. Plan and Enforce the Social and Labour Legislation to protect the working class and regulate the relations between the worker and their employers.
  7. Develop and monitor the provision of appropriate legal measures for the protection of human rights of all Council Citizens and provide legal-aid services to the under privileged where human rights have been violated and need protection


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Tel: +256(0)434 669 186 

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